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This day in metal 6/7/82 Metallica were set to go into the studio to record the demo that would change their lives forever!!!.

No Life til Leather


This day in music Metallica played their groundbreaking S&M Concert with the San Francisco symphony orchestra on 21/4/99.

A first for the heavy metal behemoths and what a fantastic concert it was !!!


This day January 7th 1997 Metallica released the single

“King Nothing” which had the

b-side live version of “Ain’t my bitch”.


Sad to report that Matt Holt has died aged 39. The singer with Washington band NothingFace had been battling a degenerative disease for the last few years.

This day , 16/3/83 24years ago, Kirk Hammett’s life changed forever as He started as lead guitarist with thrash behemoths Metallica. Playing his 1st show at The Showplace,New Jersey. 

Now 24 years later he still rocks the same as he did when he started \m/

Scoopdoggydogg \m/



Hey guys n girls over the past few days Metallica and specifically James Hetfield, have been teasing us Metallica fans with photos with the Metallicats and now today we have James’s Happy Holidays video from the studio and his Metallicat give us sneak peek at a song from their long-awaited follow up to 2009s Death Magnetic.
And also Kirk coming out and saying it’s likely it will finally be released at the end of 2016, if not early 2017.
Personally I cannot wait to hear it after them performing another track, which sounded really heavy like a ‘Sad but True’ kind of style on YouTube.
Check out the link below to the video on .                              
Thanx for reading

Merry Xmas