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This day in metal 28/8/88 saw the release of Metallica’s single Harvester of Sorrow.

With the b-sides being Breadman by Budgie and The Prince by Diamond head .



This in music saw Metallica’s 3rd album And Justice for All released.


This day in metal 12/8/91 see’s the release of Metallica’s Black Album.

This album really is the one which brought Metallica to the wider mainstream audiences.


This day in metal 6/7/82 Metallica were set to go into the studio to record the demo that would change their lives forever!!!.

No Life til Leather

This day in music Metallica played their groundbreaking S&M Concert with the San Francisco symphony orchestra on 21/4/99.

A first for the heavy metal behemoths and what a fantastic concert it was !!!


This day January 7th 1997 Metallica released the single

“King Nothing” which had the

b-side live version of “Ain’t my bitch”.



Did you miss the live stream of Metallica’s #RecordStoreDay2016 gig? Well here’s another chance to watch and rock.
Enjoy Metal heads \m/

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