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A massive happy 33rd Birthday to

Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

This album is widely regarded as The greatest heavy metal of album of all time. It was also the last album that Late Bass Guitar Genius Cliff Burton played on before he was tragically killed on tour in Europe.




I have recently taken up playing guitar and I’ve decided to post some progress videos here .

Obviously being a Metallica fan gives me a great back catalogue to work through.

I look forward to any advice or tips I can pick up along the would be really very cool.

Take it easy. Scoopdoggydogg.

This day in music Metallica played their groundbreaking S&M Concert with the San Francisco symphony orchestra on 21/4/99.

A first for the heavy metal behemoths and what a fantastic concert it was !!!


This day January 7th 1997 Metallica released the single

“King Nothing” which had the

b-side live version of “Ain’t my bitch”.


Hey folks I know I ever not really been paying attention to my blog but I am pledging to make 2018 the year I start to talk more about myself on here.  

I’ll be posting videos of my own progress learning guitar . Hopefully it may prompt people to give me tips on how to improve and progress. 

Happy New Year+stay tuned yall

I’m in need of a little help folks, I’m thinking of changing the theme on my blog.  Has anyone seen a theme that’s kinda dark and dramatic with some kinda Heavy metal tinge to it? I’d really appreciate any feedback from my followers on improvement I could make with my blog? Any tips on gaining a wider audience as I’m new to the blogging phenomenon.                                       Many thanks people.    Hope we can talk?                                                                                Thanks for reading Guys n Girls.                          Scooodoggydogg :^):^):^)

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