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This day in music Metallica played their groundbreaking S&M Concert with the San Francisco symphony orchestra on 21/4/99.

A first for the heavy metal behemoths and what a fantastic concert it was !!!



This day January 7th 1997 Metallica released the single

“King Nothing” which had the

b-side live version of “Ain’t my bitch”.


Hey folks I know I ever not really been paying attention to my blog but I am pledging to make 2018 the year I start to talk more about myself on here.  

I’ll be posting videos of my own progress learning guitar . Hopefully it may prompt people to give me tips on how to improve and progress. 

Happy New Year+stay tuned yall

I’m in need of a little help folks, I’m thinking of changing the theme on my blog.  Has anyone seen a theme that’s kinda dark and dramatic with some kinda Heavy metal tinge to it? I’d really appreciate any feedback from my followers on improvement I could make with my blog? Any tips on gaining a wider audience as I’m new to the blogging phenomenon.                                       Many thanks people.    Hope we can talk?                                                                                Thanks for reading Guys n Girls.                          Scooodoggydogg :^):^):^)

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