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A massive happy 33rd Birthday to

Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

This album is widely regarded as The greatest heavy metal of album of all time. It was also the last album that Late Bass Guitar Genius Cliff Burton played on before he was tragically killed on tour in Europe.




I have recently taken up playing guitar and I’ve decided to post some progress videos here .

Obviously being a Metallica fan gives me a great back catalogue to work through.

I look forward to any advice or tips I can pick up along the would be really very cool.

Take it easy. Scoopdoggydogg.

This day in metal 28/8/88 saw the release of Metallica’s single Harvester of Sorrow.

With the b-sides being Breadman by Budgie and The Prince by Diamond head .


This in music saw Metallica’s 3rd album And Justice for All released.


This day in metal 12/8/91 see’s the release of Metallica’s Black Album.

This album really is the one which brought Metallica to the wider mainstream audiences.


This day in metal 6/7/82 Metallica were set to go into the studio to record the demo that would change their lives forever!!!.

No Life til Leather

On this day January 9th 1970

Black Sabbath released single

Evil Woman

Keep Rockin賅塔賅塔賅