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This day in metal 6/7/82 Metallica were set to go into the studio to record the demo that would change their lives forever!!!.

No Life til Leather


This day in music Metallica played their groundbreaking S&M Concert with the San Francisco symphony orchestra on 21/4/99.

A first for the heavy metal behemoths and what a fantastic concert it was !!!


Finally the genius of Cliff Burton,tragically killed in a bus crash on Metallica’s Swedish tour on 27/9/86, has been recognised in the form of Feb 10th now been known in Alameda County California as Cliff Burton Day.

A fitting tribute to the late bass guitarist who’s loss to the music world is still felt today.

I often wonder how much his genius would have progressed but , and I’m sure you’ll agree , it would’ve been epic.

RIP Cliff your genius is sorely missed


On this day January 9th 1970

Black Sabbath released single

Evil Woman

Keep Rockin賅塔賅塔賅


This day January 7th 1997 Metallica released the single

“King Nothing” which had the

b-side live version of “Ain’t my bitch”.


Hey folks I know I ever not really been paying attention to my blog but I am pledging to make 2018 the year I start to talk more about myself on here.  

I’ll be posting videos of my own progress learning guitar . Hopefully it may prompt people to give me tips on how to improve and progress. 

Happy New Year+stay tuned yall

This Day in Metal

Posted: August 8, 2017 in music news

This day in metal ….8/8/82 Metallica played a show in Long Beach C.A. with Roxx Regime and Kaos. $3 to see Metallica? \m/

Scoopdoggydogg \m/

On this day 3/6/64 Legendary Slayer Shredder Kerry King was born. Slayer would later go on to become part of The Big 4. They also produced some of the greatest thrash you will ever hear. These include the masterpiece Reign in Blood.

Scoopdoggydogg \m/

Ronnie \m/

Posted: May 20, 2017 in music news

Dio — Metal Will Never Die!

This tune Fuckin Rules !!! \m/\m/\m/ 

Scoopdoggydogg \m/ 

On this day in music 16/5/10 we lost another Legend Ronnie James Dio. 

Black Sabbath and with his own band The Legend passed away after a battle with cancer.