1984 Metallica vs. 2014 Metallica

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

I agree with a lot of this but I think The Black Album is one of the best metal albums ever! And the sales numbers say it all!

Run Fast, Puke Left

To those who only read this blog because of my running posts, I apologize, but I need more content, and after all, the blog description is running and stuff. This would be the 地nd stuff part.

VH1 wonders which year ruled harder for these music icons?

For someone like me, the answer is simple. 1984. And it isnt even close.

In 1984, Metallica had just released Ride the Lightning. When discussions come up about the best Metallica album, this album is usually included. It wasnt an album that grew on you, requiring several listens to acquire a taste for it. It kicked your ass immediately (listen to: Fight Fire With Fire).

In 1984, Metallica was on to something big. They had finished up their second studio album, one that included a plethora of live staples that would excite audiences for years. In fact, did they not recently

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