Metal Monday – 11/17/14 Edition

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

I really really enjoyed this post

The Kentucky Porcupine

Metallica. This one word alone can illicit a host of reactions out of any metal head. Feuds with Dave Mustaine. The greatness of Cliff Burton. The tragedy of the Load albums. The even greater tragedy of St. Anger. The absolute fuckery that was the Napster fiasco. (Speaking of which, Ill probably do a post or 10 on intellectual property.) But there was a simpler time and that was 1988. Jason Newsted had big shoes to fill, cocaine was trending harder than Kim Ks ass, and for Metallica, the alcohol flowed harder than a Twista lyric (Yes, I like hip hop too. Fuck off.). Metallica hit the studio to record their most musically progressive album that also happened to be their most politically active (in terms of lyrics):再nd Justice For All. Lyrical content included political corruption, environmentalism, free speech and censorship, and anti-war themes. WhileOne

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