Top 5: Rock/Metal Cover Albums

Posted: August 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Garage Inc I thought, was a decent collection of covers all in all..

Carlo Antico Author Blog

Def Leppard

When bands decide to put out cover albums, almost everybody start to throw rocks at them, accusing the musicians of selling-out or lack of creativity. Although that might be the case in some instances, theres no lack of those albums with great music.

I, personally, love to see bands paying tributes to their heroes or even making some songs that had nothing to do with them, their own.

Of course, sometimes it backfires as is the case with Queensryches Take Cover that with the exception of the Black Sabbath and The Police covers is absolutely horrible.

Even Death Metal bands had their goal at cover albums. However, just like Slayers Undisputed Attitude, those are kind of too genre specific. Im talking about Vaders Future Of The Past and both Napalm Deaths Leaders not Followers. Those are all good albums (I have all three) but there are some too unknown bands

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