30 years of #Metallica

Posted: August 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Can’t wait for part 2 Dude! 5stars Man!!!

Thepaperbicycle's Blog

Summer, 2014

This is the text of the Tumblr based chapter coming soon. Dedicated to Kayleigh Stoneage, who will see the band formerly known as Flotsam and Jetsam for the 1st time this weekend at Sonisphere.

A couple of other chapters are still on the blog. The first draft will be posted 9:9.

Chapter 6

Anthony Demillio hadnt seen a student like him. Late to every class. An understanding of the philosophies being debated as though he had authored them. Not interested in participating.

After their initial and uncalculated (possibly incalculable) meeting in Zurich, his appreciation for Meilen Blumen was volatile.

1 moment Anthony wanted to drown or strangle or perhaps even water board him. The next, he wanted to simply play inception and extraction until Meilen revealed his sources.

Where was he getting his inspired view of both mathematics and culture and how the 2 of them intersect? Every

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