Under The Skin: Heavy Metal Maligned

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Very interesting , lots of different views there as well. I for one love Metallica, I always have but at the same time I can listen to artists like Bb.King , John Lee Hooker as well as The Stones ,The Eagles , Clapton , Cypress Hill and Seasick Steve. Great article my friend ,keep it comin coz I’ll be watching out for more stuff like this m/m/m/

Skin Back Alley

Heavy Metal Horns Pic

You know how it is these days. You post a perfectly innocent comment on a social network expressing an opinion or saying something that you think will strike a chord, only to have someone react viscerally and violently to offense taken that you never intended.

And so it went with a friend recently, when they posted on their Facebook wall following the announcement that Metallica were to headline the Saturday night of this years Glastonbury festival.

But Metallica arent very good色 he wrote.

Cue the flaming.

Comments started appearing one after the other, passionate but ill thought through and rather subjective: Better than Oasis! Id rather watch them than Kasabian! Metallica are right up there! Metallica put on a great show!

What on earth does any of that mean? And does it really matter? Arguably not, and its the kind of comment thread that I wouldnt usually bother with, except

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