Glastonbury 2014 to be rocked by heavy metal giants Metallica

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

I don’t they will get this kind of reception ,that is , if you can see the band due to those stupid flags held up on huge poles. Don’t get me wrong ,I love Metallica and always have but its sold out ages ago so very few of the Metallica fans will actually see them ! This I think will create a subdued atmosphere. Hope not ,I’ll watch from my couch I think…..


(Picture: AP/Jorge Saenz) Metallica have sold over 100 million albums (Picture: AP/Jorge Saenz)

Oil and water, chalk and cheese, heavy metal and Glastonbury festival…

Metallica are going to be headlining the prestigious Pyramid stage this summer to the consternation of many Glastonbury stalwarts.

Speaking to the Guardian, festival organiser Michael Eavis said of the choice:  ‘On my travels people are always asking me, “When are Metallica going to be playing Glastonbury?”. I was so keen to book them. They’ll be pleasing so many thousands of people.’

This is not the first time Glastonbury festival has picked seemingly controversial headliners. In 2011 Beyonce played a set, while Jay-Z headlined in 2008.

Are these the type of scenes awaiting Metallica at Glastonbury? (Picture:Reuters)

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