GlastoGate: When Metallica Broke The Internet

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

I think this man talks rubbish!!! But everyone’s entitled to their opinion I suppose eh.

Marcus Jervis

If my Facebook feed is anything to go by, the internet is about to crack under the weight of reaction to the announcement that Metallica are to headline Glastonbury. My initial reaction is to revel in mock horror that something as leftfield as a band is to play at a music festival, but it appears the strength of feeling on all sides cant be laughed off so easily, so lets look at this a little more.

The fact that Glastonbury sells out year after year without confirming any of its acts proves it isnt a music festival anymore, if indeed it ever was. Even in the aeons-ago age of Pilton Pop when Fairport Convention and Hawkwind entertained a few thousand drop-outs clinging to hippy idealism, it was a festival with music, offering an escapist albeit temporary alternative to The Man, man. Its a key distinction, but its unclear

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